Affordable Aftermarket Spare Parts for Busses and Trucks

When operating a commercial fleet of busses and trucks, your bottom line can all too quickly get away from you unless you work hard to keep your finger on the pulse. There are so many variables that you need to exert the best control you can in order to operate your business profitably. One of the biggest expenses for any fleet company is the upkeep and maintenance of their vehicles. Spare parts for busses and trucks aren’t cheap and this is why it’s even more important to get the best value for your money.

A good way to enjoy great value for money is to opt for aftermarket spare parts for busses and trucks. The way aftermarket spares operate is that it is spares and parts manufactured by third party manufacturers. It isn’t Original Equipment Manufactured spares and parts, but instead is manufactured by high quality and reputable third parties which makes these spares that much more affordable.

If you have Nissan trucks in your fleet, for instance, you could opt for buying Nissan OEM spares and parts for your fleet. However, third party manufactured parts perform exactly the same tasks as the OEM parts but come at a fraction of the cost. There are many other benefits to investing in aftermarket spars aside from merely the cost associated with it. For instance, when you are in need of an OEM part that is in high demand, you might find your company being placed on a backorder list.

This can quickly lead to your company experiencing downtime, losing customer goodwill and just losing money in general. With aftermarket spares and parts, there is usually a steady supply of all major spares and parts available. Where this isn’t the case, ordering your parts will also take far less time than it would have with the OEM supplier.

Why Aftermarket Spare Parts Make Sense

With so many reasons why you should opt for aftermarket spare parts for busses and trucks, you can easily identify the need for these quality and affordable products on the market. Your business will ultimately save money by preventing maintenance downtime and you will have access to more affordable spares that feature the same industry standard warranties and guaranties.

At Truckpart we have been supplying South Africa with quality, non-genuine replacement spare parts for busses and trucks since 1996. Our company has grown since our inception through our commitment to always delivering the very best quality products at the most reliable and competitive prices available.

Our service offering has helped many of South Africa’s leading and small fleet companies operate their truck and bus fleets profitably for many years. We are passionate about adding value to the companies and industries of our clients and always go the extra mile to deliver the quality products that have come to be expected from us. If you would like to learn more about our extensive selection of quality non-genuine spare parts for busses and trucks, contact Truckpart today.