Looking for Heavy Duty Components and Truck Parts in Africa?

Repairing trucks and heavy duty vehicles in South Africa can be a tough task. These particular vehicles are required to work on tough terrain and the spares and components used in the process must be strong, durable and of the utmost best quality. At Truckpart we supply South Africa with truck parts that are designed to last.

Our spares division will supply you with units and replacement parts that are provided with a warranty. This warranty is backed by the manufacturer and is valid for one year or 100 000km. When chatting to our sales consultants you will find that we stock the likes of conrods, bearings, fans, crankshafts, blocks, cylinder heads, dampers and a variety of other products that are designed to ensure the safe and smooth operating of your heavy duty vehicle, truck or bus.

In this particular market it is essential that you choose a supplier that has a top quality range of products to offer you at a cost-effective rate. We believe in making use of only the most qualified assemblers and professionals in the business which means that when having engines assembled or units engineered, only the finest quality and end result is made available to you. We make certain to test and check every unit, engine and component to leave our premises which provide our clients with the peace of mind that they are investing in a quality product that will be reliable and safe.

At Truckpart we are specialists in our field. We have 24 years of experience in the industry and ensure that each of our staff members is knowledgeable and has product related advice and information to offer. We believe in ensuring that our clients are provided with a service that is professional, efficient, prompt, and above all else, of such a high standard that loyalty and repeat business is guaranteed.

Our manufacturing plant is over 30 000 square meters in size and we have over 80 dedicated and experienced staff members working for us. If you are looking for spare parts for trucks, buses and heavy duty vehicles then we welcome you to request a quotation from us.

At Truckpart SA we are specialists in Africa when it comes to the manufacture and supply of the best grade of truck parts. Take the time to chat to us about your specific needs and start reaping the rewards of affordable rates and undeniable product quality today.