Professional and Reliable Truck Repair Services for Your Fleet g

From humble beginnings Truckpart SA has grown in great leaps and bounds to being a leading supplier of truck repair services in South Africa to date. We have a number of branches that operate nationally and we have 18 years of experience behind us to offer our clients. Our number one priority at Truckpart SA is to provide our various clients with products and services that offer exceptional product quality and value for money. We insist on providing a prompt and efficient service at all times and we match this with affordable rates.

When it comes to the various truck repair services that we offer, we like to ensure that our clients can receive everything that they need, under one roof. You can expect for us to offer you truck body repairs, engine repairs, gearbox rebuilding and so much more. We also provide the market with top quality OEM replacement spares which have a 100 000km / 1 year warranty attached. Regardless of whether you need major body repair work or if you just need a general service for your fleet of trucks, we at Truckpart SA will handle everything professionally for you and ensure that you can confidently get your trucks back on the road as quickly as possible.

You can rest assured that all of our technicians, assemblers and employees are the best in the industry. Tasks are only carried out by qualified and experience professionals and once we have completed our repairs, we ensure that it is tested for quality assurance and safety.

A company that is operating a fleet of trucks simply cannot afford to suffer down time due to accidental damage or mechanical problems. In order for the business to remain profitable it must have its trucks operating at all times. At Truckpart SA we are professionals in the heavy duty automotive industry and we understand the urgency of repairs and maintenance required by trucks. While we work swiftly to ensure that you experience very little down time, we simply do not compromise on the quality of our workmanship.

We believe that there is simply no job that is too big or too small for our team. Our 30 000 square meter premises can be found located in Zandfontein where over 80 staff members are working hard to ensure that the quality of products and services that we present to you are of an exceptional quality and offer nothing less than the very best in terms of value for money.

In addition to our abovementioned services, we also offer a breakdown service to get your truck back to us for repairs should you break down while on route with a consignment or similar. You will find that our team will do whatever is possible to make your vehicle collection and return as hassle free and convenient as possible for you.

At Truckpart SA we encourage you to be in touch with us to discuss our truck repair services and how we can help you to keep your fleet well maintained and on the roads at all times.

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