SA Truck Components and Related Services

Building truck engines, repairing them and replacing certain parts within them will require you to use only the finest quality units and spares. At Truckpart we stock only the best SA truck components which when purchased from us are fitted only by the most qualified assemblers at our disposal. We offer the very best in terms of product quality and value for money and we have the growing loyal client base to prove this. When assembling any units at our premises we will thoroughly check and test them for functionality and safety before presenting the finished product to our clients. This provides the much needed peace of mind to our client base.

At Truckpart, our after sales service is phenomenal. We have seven vehicles and professional consultants at our disposal to tend to our clients should they have any queries, concerns or problems after purchasing components and parts from us.

We have various divisions within our business that are designed to service your needs effectively. These include the following:

  • Body repair services – this division is tasked with carrying out repairs to heavy duty busses and trucks. Many insurance companies make use of our services to complete repairs on accident damaged vehicles of this kind.
  • Mechanical workshop – this division focuses on servicing commercial vehicles. Some of our services in this division include the likes of servicing of brakes, replacements of various units, repairs to prop shafts, auto electrical repairs, valets and so on.
  • Spare parts – this division specialises in the supply of superior quality chassis and engine parts. These parts are provided with a 1 year / 100 000km warranty which are conveniently backed by the manufacturers.  
  • Rebuilding services – this division focuses on the rebuilding of gearbox, steering box, engine and diff rebuilding. We carry this service out with only the best quality parts which are fitted by only the most qualified professionals.
  • Engineering – we have access to some of the best engineering machinery in the country. Our qualified machinists are able to assist you with surface grinding, pressure testing, prop shaft balancing, crankshaft grinding, block honing and various other services too.

When seeking out the best SA truck components on the market we have precisely what you need at Truckpart. Take the time to chat to our team about your needs and requirements and allow us to make your repair services, mechanical tasks, parts shopping, engineering and rebuilding services easier.