Invest in the Best Quality Spares for the Truck Industry

Since as early as 1989 Truckpart has been supplying top quality spares for the truck industry to the market in South Africa. We have consistently improved on our range and ensured that our clients are presented with products that are durable, reliable and strong. The heavy duty transport and trucking industry certainly benefits from our range of products and components which are manufactured according to the very highest standards on the market.

At Truckpart we provide our clients with access to OE replacement parts that we are confident are the best on the market. They are supplied to you with a warranty attached that is backed by the actual manufacturer. This warranty is valid for 1 year or 100 000km which is a great convenience for all of our clients. This means that should you experience any problems along the way and your warranty is still valid, the unit can be repaired or replaced for you.

The parts that we supply readily to the market include the likes of cylinder heads, conrods, crank shafts, bearings, fans, blocks and various other types. When building components and supplying parts and engineered units to you, you can expect for them to be tested for durability and reliability, safety and strength before being supplied to you. Each of our products must be safety tested by our team and we make use of only the most qualified and experienced assemblers where required to work with your engines and components.

At Truckpart we are dedicated to ensuring that your required products are made available promptly and that the service you are provided with is simply phenomenal. We believe in creating long lasting and loyal relationships with our clients and with this in mind we will set out to service your needs affordably and in the most convenient way for you. We will ensure that your experience with us is pleasant and that you will be absolutely satisfied with our products.

The trucking industry is one that is busy and gruelling. As a participant in this industry you will need to have the peace of mind that the engine and the parts working within the engine of your heavy duty vehicle are reliable and safe at all times. This will require you to choose a supplier with a good reputation and track record – this you can expect to find at Truckpart.

At Truckpart we have a great after sales service too. We have seven support vehicles available and reliable, knowledgeable and qualified consultants that can come to you should you experience any issues along the way. You will find that each of our team members is dedicated to ensuring that your needs are met efficiently and effectively. If you aren’t sure of exactly what you need, take the time to chat to one of our consultants and we will ensure that you are advised and provided with guidance along the way.

Our plant which is located in Zandfontein is 30 000 square meters big and here we employ over 80 dedicated and qualified staff members. When we opened our doors 24 years ago it was our aim to present the market with reliable products as well as rates that are absolutely affordable. All these years later our aim and promise to you are the same and we still offer you precisely that.

If you are looking for suppliers of spares for the truck industry then you have come to just the right place. At Truckpart you are guaranteed a top quality product, affordable rates and absolute value for money. Chat to us about your requirements and benefit from our product range today.