Best Quality Truck and Trailer Parts Available

If you are looking for truck and trailer parts that offer exceptional product quality and value for money, then what we have to offer at Truckpart will certainly impress you. Our engine and chassis parts are of superior quality and you can expect each to be supplied with a 1 year or 100 000km warranty, whichever comes first. ¬†Product quality and reliability is on the forefront of our minds and we want nothing more than to ensure you are investing in the best that there is available.

Truckpart offers spares and parts such as cylinder heads, conrods, blocks, crankshafts, dampers, fans, bearings and so on. We present only the best makes and parts to the market to ensure that you can purchase spares from us with confidence, and have the peace of mind that you are making a sound and wise investment. We recognised a demand on the market in 1989 and so opened our doors to serve and supply the industry with products that offer quality, durability and of course value for money.

We specialise in products and parts for the heavy duty automotive market. We started out with good rates and exceptional quality products being our main aim, and this is something that we are still working towards. We have a level 3 BEE certificate and are always working hard to ensure that we improve on our status and are operating to the very best of our potential. We have over 80 competent and well trained staff members working at our 30 000 square meter premises in Zandfontein.

At Truckpart, we offer a variety of services that might interest you such as body repairs to accident damaged trucks and trailers, servicing of commercial vehicles in our full mechanical workshop, the provision of spare parts as mentioned above and also the rebuilding of engines, steering box, gear box and diff. We also have access to a wide range of our own engineering equipment where precision work is achievable. We offer various other specialised services too, so if you are looking for assistance and aren’t sure if we can help, we encourage you to be in touch with us.

When seeking out the best supplier of truck and trailer parts and various other spares and so on, take the time to chat to us at Truckpart. We will offer you access to our extensive range and provide you with quotations as required.