The Difference between OEM, Aftermarket and OE Truck Spares

Replacement, OEM and Aftermarket truck spares are all phrases that have become synonymous with nearly all online auto parts stores. Figuring out the differences between these terms might be the difference of a few thousand Rand per vehicle and help you to make the best decision when purchasing spares in South Africa.

For the buyer of truck spares, these terms might be confusing. If you’re really interested in what’s best for your trucks you’ll need to familiarise yourself with these terms so that you will buy smartly and invest in the correct parts. Making a choice between which of these parts you will buy is just like buying a car and choosing which brand, make and model.

Following are short definitions of these truck spares:

  • OEM parts: The OEM is an acronym for original equipment manufactured. This would mean that, for instance, OEM Nissan parts are parts which are manufactured by Nissan itself, and Ford manufactures Ford parts, and so on. Frequently the terms OE and OES are also used, which refers to Original Equipment and Original Equipment Supplied
  • Aftermarket parts: Aftermarket truck spares are auto parts which are not manufactured by the original manufacturer. These parts are added to the truck at either at the dealership or after it leave the dealership. Where function and design are concerned, these truck parts are nearly the same as stock parts seeing that their primary purpose is to replace original parts that are damaged so that the vehicle will be able to continue running

If you find yourself in need of truck parts then you can purchase aftermarket or OEM parts. There are many suppliers of quality and affordable aftermarket parts. In many regards it is also more convenient to purchase aftermarket parts. The reason for this might be that the OEM part you are after might be a rare or in-demand part, which is difficult to source. In this regard an aftermarket part will not only be easier to find, but may even be substantially less expensive than an OEM part.

Many people decide to add aftermarket truck parts to their trucks later on. These parts can also contribute to giving the vehicle a fresh look. Even if the trucks original parts aren’t yet worn out or damaged, it is possible to replace them by adding specifically designed aftermarket auto parts.

While many people prefer purchasing aftermarket truck spares, there are those that insist on only purchasing original manufacturer equipment. It is a personal preference in the end what you decide on, yet you should make sure you opt for the best deal available to you.