Truck Repair Services and Places That Offer Auto Parts

Gauteng Truckpart Centre opened a branch in Selby in 1996 which started off with only four staff members and over the past eleven years has taken the replacement truck spares and truck repair services market to another level due to their firm commitment and passion have now become one of the leaders in Truck Services & Auto Parts in Gauteng.

There are several branches nationwide of which all fall under the Commercial Group of companies. This company has achieved a lot in a short time frame by giving their customers priority and the company continues to provide innovative services as well as keeps up with all the latest innovative technology. With particular focus on specialized services that are in line with the trucking industry, Truckpart is a BEE South African based company.

Growing From Strength To Strength in the Trucking Industry

This company continues to grow from strength to strength and has been running for around two decades and their primary goal is to provide their customers with top quality service at well affordable prices. Services offered include truck repair services, panel and repair work, rebuilding of gearboxes and truck engines and providing truck spares.

The truck repair workshop has been extended to include engineered parts which will improve the repairs and servicing of trucks. In addition they are also able to repair and rebuilt trucks steering box and diff. Truckpart is now also offering their clients a recovery and mechanical breakdown service. One of the very first services offered to customers was rebuilding and fixing truck engines and gearboxes, as the company has around twenty two years experience in the industry, which is what makes this company one of the best in the industry.

Skilled Truck Repair Workshop for Truck Repair Services

The work is carried out by top professional assemblers which are hired by the company, and once the truck repair services are completed, the truck is sent off to the dyno for testing and fine tuning to ensure top performance. In addition to servicing and rebuilding, the company offers a comprehensive range of spares and parts that include a one year or 100 000km warranty on the work carried out.

These manufactured parts are a cost effective alternative as opposed to original parts and more value is added as these parts are covered with a warranty. These parts are used in the truck repair workshop as replacements and for repairs on all commercial vehicles and include parts such as cylinder blocks and heads, bearings, conrods and crankshafts that are precision engineered for all popular makes of trucks on the market.