OEM, OE and Aftermarket Truck Spares and Accessories

When you need to purchase trucking parts for your fleet there are many options you can opt for. There are the more expensive and reliable route to follow in purchasing OEM truck spares and accessories, or there are the aftermarket and OE parts which are a little less expensive. The most important thing to remember when purchasing any type of trucking part is to always only buy from reputable and authorised resellers.

These different supplies all pose different benefits to buyers and can help you to take care of your fleet with quality parts and spares. If you are wondering what the differences between these different types of parts are, then read on:

  • OEM parts: The acronym OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This would mean that OEM Nissan parts are manufactured by Nissan itself, and Toyota parts are manufactured by Toyota itself, etc. Similar terms for these parts include OE and OES, which means Original Equipment and Original Equipment Supplied. Whereas these terms tend to mean the same in many instances, Original Equipment in general refers to the parts that came with the vehicle originally. These types of parts also tend to be more expensive than aftermarket parts.
  • Aftermarket parts: These parts are used to refer to the parts which are not manufactured by the original vehicle manufacturer. These parts are bought and are added to the vehicle at the dealership, or when the vehicle leaves the dealership. With regards to the functionality and design of these parts, aftermarket parts provide nearly the same service as OEM parts. This is because these parts are used to replace damaged Original Equipment Manufactured parts. If you need to replace a part on the truck you can purchase either OEM or Aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts tend to be a bit less expensive than OEM parts, but don’t come with the same original manufacturer’s warranty and guarantee

While it might be a bit more expensive to go with an OEM part it does carry certain benefits to the buyer. These benefits include the original manufacturer’s warranty which guarantees quality performance of the part. However there are often times that there’s a shortage or scarcity of specific OEM parts and this is where Aftermarket parts can really help you when you need it most.

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