If you operate a fleet of trucks or heavy duty vehicles, chances are that safety is a priority. You need to know that your truck is serviced, maintained and always in a roadworthy condition. Unfortunately, accidents on the road do happen and by ensuring that your vehicles are always in an excellent condition means that you can eliminate some potential danger for your driver and other road users too. Truck servicing in Gauteng is something that is to be trusted to the professionals and at Truckpart we offer an all-round service that will simply impress.

At Truckpart, we can offer you a variety of convenient services such as truck body repairs, the rebuilding of engines, gearboxes, diffs, and so on. We also have a fully equipped and kitted mechanical workshop where we can efficiently service and carry out repairs on any commercial vehicles. We can assist with brake servicing, auto electrical repairs, repairs to the prop shaft, unit replacements and so much more.

In addition to this we can actually engineer specialised truck parts to specification at our premises. We have our own engineering machinery and qualified machinists who can provide the required services on site with precision. Our machines can assist with surface grinding, pressure testing, prop shaft balancing, reboring, vacuum testing and a great deal more.

The Truckpart team started serving the market’s demands in 1989 and is focused on providing the heavy duty automobile market with top quality and reliable products and accessories as well as services. We have a level 3 BEE certificate and work hard to maintain a professional approach with each and every customer that we have the pleasure of assisting.

We have our own business premises which are 3000 square meters big and provide jobs to over 80 employees. We are dedicated to service and product excellence which means that each and every one of our staff members is trained in the field in order to provide you with the attention to detail and prompt assistance that is promised.

If you are looking for a professional truck servicing team in Gauteng, turning to Truckpart should be your first consideration. Take the time to chat to one of team members about your vehicles as well as your specific needs and requirements. We will ensure that you are presented with a detailed and customised quote to consider. Allow Truckpart to ensure that your drivers, stock and vehicles are always safe and secure on the road.

If you run a business that makes use of trucks and heavy duty automobiles then you will know just how important it is to service and maintain the vehicle in use. Safety is and should be a top priority for such companies as accidents or mechanical failures can result in lost and damaged stock, injuries to drivers and others as well as potential additional expenses being incurred due to repairs and replacements that will then be required. Truck maintenance services are offered by our team at Truckpart at a cost-effective rate. These services are carried out only by the most qualified and experienced professionals in the field.

Our team offers repairs, replacements and maintenance services to commercial vehicles. Our full mechanical workshop is fully equipped with everything that is required to make these services quick, easy and efficient. While these maintenance tasks are underway you can expect for us to be able to handle things such as brake servicing, prop shaft repairs, auto electrical repairs, complete unit replacements and so much more. Whatever you might need fixed or replaced, we are the team to assist.

We have been serving the market since 1989 and have many years of experience behind us. Our team will advise you knowledgeably and will ensure that you are aware of all of your options before you are encouraged to make a decision. We offer a range of heavy duty vehicle spares and parts too, which will help to make your repairs and maintenance tasks that require these, a bit cheaper. All spare parts are guaranteed either for 1 year of use or 100 000km’s – which ever may come first.

We have achieved a BEE level status of 3 and are always working hard to improve on that. Our premises are located in Zandfontein and our 30 000 square meter workshop is run by over 80 dedicated and loyal employees. If you know what parts you are looking for or would like to book a service, you can do so via our website by completing a form with the details and submitting it to us. This is just one way in which we are trying to make the process and dealing with us as simple as possible.

At Truckpart we make truck maintenance services simple and affordable. Let us know what your specific requirements are and allow us the opportunity to present you with a quotation and some professional advice.