Truck Parts

Heavy duty automobile repairs and maintenance is quite different to the repairs and maintenance of a regular passenger vehicle. These particular vehicles are workhorses that take a great deal of strain over a long distance and as a result, repairs and maintenance tasks can be quite gruelling. What’s more, the parts and accessories used need to be of the utmost best quality for reliability, durability and of course safety of the driver and other’s on the road. The quality of truck spare parts is something that cannot be compromised on and at Truckpart we guarantee our clients access to the best OE replacement parts on the market.

The parts that we offer to our clients all come with a 100 000km / 1 year warranty attached. This of course presents great peace of mind to our clients. In addition to this, any repair and maintenance work that we do on your truck or fleet of trucks is done with the best workmanship guaranteed. All of our mechanics, technicians and consultants are experienced and qualified in the industry – we believe that only the best will do for our clients.

The Truckpart team has been serving the South African market since 1989. This gives us 25 years of experience in the industry to offer you and we take the time to treat each and every one of our customers and repair / maintenance tasks as our top priority. Our extensive list of spare parts that we offer to the market also includes blocks, cylinder heads, crank shafts, conrods, bearings, fans, dampers and a great deal more.

We operate from a 3000 square meter premises in Zandfontein with the efficient assistance of 80 staff members. Of course we do not limit ourselves to only assisting clients in the surrounding area. We are happy to do business with anyone seeking out spare parts for trucks anywhere in South Africa. Simply let us know what you are looking for and we will advise you on availability and how we can best arrange for your parts and accessories to be delivered to you.

If you are shopping around and would like one of our consultants to contact you with information and a quotation on any particular parts and accessories, we encourage you to make use of our “Request Parts” feature on our website. Simply complete the form here with your personal details and the details of the parts or services that you are interested in and one of our professional and knowledgeable consultants will get back to you as soon as possible.

At Truckpart, we specialise in providing spare parts, rebuilding services and body repair services to all heavy duty trucks and buses. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient team to take care of your fleet of trucks and buses, then you have come to just the right place. Truckpart takes great pride in the quality of workmanship and products provided, and look forward to assisting you with finding the right truck spare parts for your intended repair or maintenance service.

The heavy duty automotive market in South Africa has been growing in great leaps and bounds over the years. As the market grows, so does the demand for not only top quality trucks and automobiles, but parts, spares and accessories for the purpose of truck repair and maintenance as well. At Truckpart, we have been serving the South African heavy duty automotive market since 1989 and our policy, which has merely strengthened and developed over the years, is to provide affordable rates and top quality products and services to our client base. Through hard work and dedication we have seen our loyal following of customers help us grow from a small company in 1989 to a leader in the market in 2014.

Our premises, which are situated in Zandfontein, offer all the required world class machinery and equipment to manufacture and supply a wide range of repair services, spares and parts to suit the needs of just about every truck found on our roads. When it comes to truck repairs, we offer both body work repair and mechanical repair services. Our team is affiliated with SAMBRA and we can also be found as an authorised service provider to most leading insurance companies in the country. When it comes to mechanical repairs, we can assist with prop shaft repairs, unit replacements, break services, auto electrical repairs and a great deal more.truck repairs

Truckpart stocks OE replacement parts and for your peace of mind, each of these carries a 100 000km / 1 year warranty. Amongst our spare parts you will find popular makes and models of bearings, fans, dampers, conrods, and crank shafts, blocks, cylinder heads and a great deal more.

At Truckpart we also have access to our own range of highly advanced engineering equipment where our machinists can provide our clients with specialised services. The machines that we have at our disposal include, but are not limited to, a crank shaft crack detector, a line bore machine, a conrod resizer, lathe machines, a flywheel skim, reboring machines, manifold surface grinders and a great deal more. When dealing with our team you will find that we treat each and every task as if it is for our most important client and you can expect professional and precision workmanship to be provided at all times.

When it comes to truck repair and maintenance, only the very best will do in terms of engine parts used and the workmanship provided. The safety of the drivers of these trucks is paramount to our team at Truckpart and if you want to ensure that your repaired truck is roadworthy, safe and reliable, then only choose a repair and maintenance team that you can trust, and of course spares and parts to match.

At Truckpart we welcome you to take the time to discuss the needs of your fleet with our service consultants. We want nothing more than for you to find precisely what you need through us and by finding out more about your requirements we can attend to those needs more effectively. For all your truck repair and maintenance needs, turn to Truckpart today.

Keeping a fleet of heavy duty vehicles and buses maintained is quite a challenge, for any business. If you want to ensure that your trucks, busses or other heavy duty commercial vehicles are well looked after then it is best to have a professional and experienced repairs and maintenance team on your side and at your disposal. At Truckpart we present the market with truck body parts and other parts that are of the highest quality.

We make our parts available for sale and also use them in repairs and maintenance tasks that we carry out for our clients. What services can you expect to acquire from us at Truckpart? For starters, we offer professional and efficient repairs to accident damaged trucks and heavy duty vehicles. We are listed with all major insurance companies as registered vendors and are also affiliated to SAMBRA. Our attention to detail and the fact that we make use of only the finest quality paint ensures that we can offer our clients the very best outcomes. Our repair service is trusted by market leaders such as SAB-Miller, ABI, Mercedes Benz, Premier Foods, Northwest Star, Lowveld Bus, and so on.

We also have a fully equipped mechanical workshop which is ideal for servicing a variety of commercial vehicles. The types of services that we carry out include complete unit replacements, auto electrical repairs, brake services, prop shaft repairs. Our supply of spare parts for trucks includes the best quality engine and chassis parts. We provide OE replacement parts which have a manufacturer backed warranty of 1 year (or 100 000km). Our range of spare parts includes cylinder heads, crankshafts, heads, blocks, conrods, bearings, fans, dampers and so on. If you are looking for something specific we encourage you to chat to one of our sales consultants and we will see what we can do for you.

We also offer rebuilding services for diff, gearboxes, steering boxes and engines. We make use of only top quality parts that are tested on a dyno after rebuilding, to ensure safety and quality of workmanship. When it comes to engineering, we have the best machinery and equipment available to us. Our equipment offers surface grinding, pressure testing, valve refacer, crank shaft grinding, block honing, line boring, flywheel skimming, lathe machines, vacuum tester, shim grinder and so on.

Of course this is not all that we have to offer our clients at Truckpart. We offer a number of services that can be carried out at and originate from our premises such as sandblasting, dyno testing, washing of trucks and buses, boilermaking, mobile kingpin press, aluminium and cast iron welding and so on.

If you are looking for a reputable supplier of top quality truck body parts and other parts then you have come to just the right place. Take the time to chat to us at Truckpart about your needs and requirements and we will ensure that you are presented with a detailed quotation and a wealth of product related information and advice.

If you operate a truck or have a fleet of trucks involved in your business then you will know the importance of ensuring that these vehicles are always operating smoothly and are well maintained. Professional concerns will have their trucks serviced on a regular basis. There might be occasions where accidents happen or vehicles break down and spare parts will then be required, along with a professional service. Obtaining truck spares in Pretoria is made a simple task at Truckpart. We have a wide selection of the finest quality spare parts and accessories on the market and welcome you to chat to us about your needs and requirements. 

At Truckpart we offer various services that might suit your needs. The following form part of our service offering: 

  • Body repairs – we can carry out repairs to all heavy duty trucks and busses that have accident damage. We can be found on the approved vendors list of most major insurance suppliers and are also registered with SAMBRA. Only the finest paint is used for touch up’s and re-sprays. Many leading brands known on the market such as Mercedes Benz, SAB-Miller, Premier Foods, and Northwest Star and similar make use of our body repair services. 
  • Full mechanical workshop service – our workshop is fully equipped with all that is required to carry out repairs and maintenance to commercial vehicles. At our workshop we can assist with unit replacements, prop shaft repairs, auto electrical repairs, brake services and valets. 
  • Diff, gearbox, steering box and engine rebuilding – once we have rebuild the part each unit will be tested on a dyno before being delivered to the client. 
  • Engineering – our machines are able to provide a variety of services to our clients. We offer precision engineering in the following forms: surface grinding, crank shaft crack detecting, prop shaft balancing, reboring, manifold surface grinding and a great deal more. 

In addition to this, we also offer our clients a variety of other services which are carried out on site such as sandblasting, dyno testing, truck and bus washing, vehicle recovery, break down assistance, aluminium and cast iron welding, steering box reconditioning, diff reconditioning, complete servicing to military and defence vehicles, boilermaker facilities and so on.

We understand that while seeking our truck spares in Pretoria, there are a variety of services and conveniences that you may require along with it. We endeavour to provide our clients with an all-inclusive service that caters to the specific needs and requirements of each and every one of our clients. It is our aim to ensure that you are provided with competitive rates, an all-round excellent service and a solution to all your truck repair and maintenance needs.

When seeking out a reliable supplier of truck spares in Pretoria, let us at Truckpart be your first and last port of call. We will ensure that you are presented with affordable rates, professional assistance and value for money. For more information and advice on our spare parts and services, feel free to contact us directly.

If you are looking for high quality truck parts that are durable and affordable, we can help you. Truckpart is known as a Gauteng truck parts centre that supplies a wide variety of parts for all popular makes and models, which means that we offer you value for money and quality workmanship that you can trust.

Managing a fleet of vehicles can be challenging, especially with costs continuously rising. Repairing heavy duty vehicles is not always necessary. This is why you can benefit by working with a reliable supplier who can provide you with quality parts, reliable workmanship and excellent after sales support. Truckpart is considered to be a leading parts supplier in Pretoria, offering replacement parts with a full manufacturer’s warranty.

Mechanical Workshop

In addition to having a 30 000 square metre workshop and employing more than 80 staff members, we are also serving clients across South Africa, including Mercedes-Benz, Premier Foods and SAB Miller. We have a fully equipped workshop that can offer a variety of services for heavy duty vehicles and this includes body repairs. We offer our clients outstanding workmanship while adhering to very high specifications. We are also affiliated by SAMBRA and are listed with all the major insurance providers in South Africa.

Our ability to assist heavy duty vehicle owners and managers with a variety of engineering services and mechanical parts allow us to be a one-stop shop for clients throughout Gauteng. Our additional services include diff reconditioning, sandblasting, dyno testing, vehicle recovery, breakdown assist and more. We offer a complete service to vehicle owners in Gauteng and we work on a wide variety of trucks and buses.

Quality Truck Parts

Truckpart supplies a wide range of quality truck parts for engines and chassis of heavy duty vehicles. Our replacement parts carry a one year or 100,000 kilometre warranty backed by the manufacturers. We offer parts that include blocks, conrods, cylinder heads, dampers, bearings, fans and more. We can also assist with engine and gearbox rebuilding and we believe that only the best quality parts can be used.

Our workshop is fully equipped with machinery that allows us to do surface grinding, pressure testing, propshaft balancing, vacuum testing, block honing and more. If you manage a fleet of vehicles on behalf of a company, we can provide you with all the parts and accessories you need, including mechanical and repair services as we are a leading Gauteng truck part centre.

Our ever growing client base shows that we provide only the best parts and top notch service. Our qualified technicians can work on a variety of makes and models and our workmanship is always guaranteed. We also have a facility where clients can enquire about parts that they need online, hassle free.

Truckpart is a leading Gauteng truck parts centre and we are based in Zandfontein. Our team can assist you with a variety of parts and services and we will take care of repairs to your entire fleet of heavy duty vehicles, so be sure to give us a call!

Heavy duty vehicles can be expensive to maintain, especially if when it comes to truck accessories and parts. This is why you can benefit by having a reliable supplier and workshop that can help to maintain your fleet. Trucks and buses need to be on the road and performing optimally for the business, making it essential for fleet managers and business owners to work with a reputable service centre.

It’s important to work with the supplier who has a fully equipped workshop that can offer all the services that you require. This can include unit replacements, electrical services and repairs, propshaft repairs, and break services. You might also need to have some body work done to your vehicles from time to time, which is why you can benefit from a supplier who specialises in body repairs specifically for heavy-duty vehicles. You want a workshop will offer outstanding quality workmanship and superior aftersales service.

Working with Truckpart

Truckpart is a leading supplier of high quality truck accessories and parts for all major brands, allowing us to provide you with affordable prices and quality workmanship. We provide engine and chassis parts and order replacement parts that carry a 1 year / 100,000 km warranty from the manufacturer. We can also assist our customers with engine and gearbox rebuilding; we will use only the highest quality parts as well as qualified assemblage to perform the service. This means that we can provide you with a broad range of services as well as truck accessories and parts for your entire heavy-duty fleet.

We also specialise in engine, gearbox and steering box rebuilding. We have been involved in engine and gearbox rebuilding since our business began and we believe that we are an industry leader when it comes to quality service as well as reliable truck accessories and parts. We own some of the best and most advanced engineering equipment available, allowing us to perform pressure testing, propshaft balancing, block honing, conrod resizing, seat cutting and more.

In addition to truck accessories and parts for heavy duty vehicles, we can also provide additional services like sandblasting, dyno testing, diff reconditioning and more. This makes our workshop fully equipped to handle a wide variety of repairs and engineering services. We can also perform work on military vehicles.

If you are looking for specific truck accessories and parts you can request them online via our website. We will get in touch with you as soon as we receive your query, saving you time and money in the process. Our team is always ready to assist you with your requirements, regardless of the make and model of your vehicles.

Truckpart is a leading provider of truck accessories and parts in the Pretoria area. We work with you to find the best spare parts for your heavy duty vehicles and can also provide repair services and engineering support. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with quality parts and accessories for your trucks and buses.

Automotive ProductsIf you manage a fleet of trucks on behalf of a company, you will know just how expensive it can be to maintain them. This is why you can benefit from a company who provides quality heavy duty automotive products and services that are aimed specifically at heavy-duty vehicles. These services can include body repairs, mechanical repairs and spare parts.

When it comes to body repairs you want an experienced team to work on your vehicle, as these repairs can often be on a large scale and be quite expensive. Truckpart specialises in all types of accident repairs on heavy-duty vehicles, including trucks and buses. We are also affiliated with SAMBRA and we are registered as a vendor with all the major insurance companies in South Africa. This means that we will provide you with a cost effective and professional service when it comes to any body repair work on your heavy duty vehicles.

Mechanical Parts and Services

At Truckpart, we have a complete mechanical workshop available, allowing us to offer various services on all commercial heavy-duty vehicles. This includes all electrical repairs, break services, unit replacements and propshaft repairs. We also supply your fleet with spare parts for the engine and chassis of your vehicle and you can be rest assured that they will be of the highest quality. All our replacement parts carry a one year / 100 000 km warrantee that is fully backed by the manufacturer. We stock spare parts for all major brands and this includes crankshafts, bearings, cylinder heads, fans and other important parts.

As a quality heavy duty automotive products and services provider in Pretoria, Truckpart also has engineering facilities that allow us to provide superior engineering services to our valued customers. We have high quality machinery available which allows us to perform services like grinding, pressure testing, propshaft balancing and more. We can also offer our customers vehicle recovery and breakdown assist services.

Maintaining your company’s fleet is essential as you will reduce ongoing maintenance costs, especially if you make use of high quality products and services. Heavy duty vehicles like trucks and buses need to be reliable on the road so that they can perform when they need to and also keep your drivers safe at all times.

Truckpart has been in business since 1989 and is a leader in quality heavy duty automotive products and services. We are based in Pretoria and our team is ready to assist you with affordable spares, fast turnaround on all services and expert advice and guidance on heavy-duty vehicles.

This is the question that many commercial vehicle owners want to know the answer to. The short answer is yes. The long answer is that it would depend on the supplier that you purchase it from. Aftermarket parts were made available in response to the demand for affordable and easily obtainable spares for famous brands like Isuzu truck parts. The Original Equipment Manufactured parts were and still remain competitively expensive.

While it is fun to think that your commercial fleet is riding around with OEM parts, at the end of the day there really isn’t much difference to the performance you receive except in the price that you end up paying. Many people would say you don’t receive the same guaranties and warranties from aftermarket parts than you would from the original manufacturer of parts, but once again this is where the supplier that you choose to deal with comes into play.

When sourced from a reputable dealer your aftermarket Isuzu truck parts will enjoy all the same industry standard guaranties and warranties. Sure, you wouldn’t be able to take the part back to the original manufacturer, but why would you want to? When you are dealing with a great supplier of Isuzu truck parts you would naturally receive the great service that you would expect for your money.

There are many reasons why it makes sense to invest in aftermarket Isuzu and other truck parts. Not only is the availability that much better than when you try to go through the original manufacturer, but the prices are also enormously better. At times you may find that the specific parts you require is in high demand from the original manufacturer and it is on back-order, or because there isn’t such a high demand for it they have to special order it for you. All of this will take time away from you being able to run your business properly and profitably, causing downtime and even loss of customer goodwill.

This won’t be the case with aftermarket suppliers of affordable Isuzu truck parts.

Affordable Isuzu Truck Parts and Other Aftermarket Spares from Truckpart

If you are in the market for competitively priced and top quality aftermarket Isuzu truck parts and spares, then Truckpart has the solutions for you. For nearly twenty years we have been providing South Africa with the most affordable and best quality truck parts and spares. Our innovative business module has helped many South African companies source and purchase the best quality and most affordable truck parts to help them grow their companies to where it needs to go. Contact us to discuss all your Isuzu truck parts needs in detail.

In the repairs, maintenance and serving world for heavy duty automobiles things are done in a certain way to ensure safety and peace of mind. When a vehicle is involved in an accident or requires some replacements to be done during servicing and maintenance procedures there will be a need for spares, parts and accessories. This is where things can get complicated. Most insurance companies will make use of a select number of service providers on the market with us at Truckpart being one of the trusted companies with most major insurance companies. When parts and spares are sought out, for a Toyota branded vehicle for example, you will find that there are both OEM parts and aftermarket parts available.

Understanding the difference between the two options can in fact make all the difference. Many would believe that they absolutely have to have OEM parts supplied during repairs when in fact, aftermarket parts from trusted sources and manufacturers are just as safe and durable with exceptional quality on offer. The definitions of each option are below for your ease of reference and understanding if you are looking for repairs, replacements and maintenance tasks to be carried out on your vehicle:

  • Aftermarket spares and parts – these are parts and spares that are manufactured to be compatible with leading brands of vehicles, but are from companies other than that actual manufacturer itself. In the case of Toyota, the parts supplied will work perfectly with the vehicle and made to do so, but will not have actually been manufactured by Toyota itself.
  • OEM parts and spares – these are parts that are created and supplied by the actual manufacturer. Original Equipment Manufacturer parts and spares for a Toyota for example will be manufactured only by Toyota themselves.

At Truckpart, we have our premises fully equipped with the best in terms of engineering equipment which means that we can manufacture aftermarket items at an affordable rate. We make use of only the most qualified and experienced machinists which mean you can have the peace of mind that you are investing in a product that has been created with precision. When parts are fitted we also make use of only qualified assemblers, not just for your convenience and peace of mind, but to ensure safety is taken into account at absolutely every level.

We have our own 30 000 square meter premises located in Zandfontein and employ over 80 competent, qualified and experienced staff members who are always working hard to present a product range to the market that offers value for money. We test each and every unit before it leaves our premises, which means that you can rest assured you are being supplied with safe and functional units, without fail.

Truckpart has been serving the automotive market since 1989 and have since been only improving on and expanding on our range of products and the related services that we offer. We encourage our clients to chat to our consultants about their needs and requirements and will promise you a professional, reliable and trustworthy service at all times.

When seeking out Toyota aftermarket parts you are sure to find exactly what you need with us at Truckpart. Our range is extensive and our service offering too. You will also find that our team is able to provide you with further information and advice on any of our products that might interest you. We work daily towards presenting our clients with the type of product range that will simply impress. Order your aftermarket parts from us and you will not be disappointed.

Running a business or operation that makes use of trucks and heavy machinery, automatically means that you have a great deal of responsibility on your hands. You need to ensure that your vehicles and machinery are always serviced, maintained and running at their full potential and efficiency. At Truckpart, we are a Gauteng truck parts centre that has absolutely everything you require in terms of spare parts as well as services that simply will not let you down.

Since we opened our doors for business in 1989, we have strived to become a leading and respected heavy duty automotive product and service supplier. Of course our hard work has paid off and we have a string of loyal customers supporting us. At our 30 000 square meter premises in Zandfontein we employ over 80 dedicated staff members who are experienced, trained and with a wealth of product knowledge and advice to impart with. We ensure that each of our team members is ready to assist you in the best way possible.

We have extensive experience with engine and gearbox building which is a service that we offer to our clients. All the parts, spares and accessories required for this type of service are supplied by us, at a cost that is affordable. Only the most qualified fitters and assemblers are trusted with the job, for your peace of mind. When providing you with this service we will ensure that your unit is fully tested before it leaves our workshop. Quality of workmanship and safety is a top priority for our team.

In addition to this, we also offer other services that might interest and benefit for you. For starters, we offer repairs to the body of commercial trucks and heavy duty vehicles. We are listed as a trusted service provider with all major insurance companies and can be trusted to get the job done in good time and with a professional attitude. The entire Truckpart team is dedicated to customer service excellence and ensuring that your experience with us is nothing short of phenomenal.

Our fully equipped mechanical workshop is simply ideal for the full list of services that we can offer to carry out on commercial vehicles.  Of course we also have a wide range of spares and parts in stock. These include the likes of dampers, crank shafts, conrods, bearings, blocks, cylinder heads and more. When purchasing these from us you can expect for them to be supplied with a 1 year or 100 000km (whichever comes first) warranty. This warranty is backed by the actual manufacturers.

Our qualified machinists are also able to offer you a professional engineering service. We have all the required machinery to present a variety of parts to you that you may require, no matter how unique they might be. We can engineer parts according to specification.  At Truckpart we also have various other service offerings such as boilermaking, mobile kingpin pressing, Dyno testing, sandblasting, steering box reconditioning and so much more.

If you are looking for specific parts and spares then you will find that you can quite easily request these via our website. Our sales consultants will also always be available to discuss your needs and requirements with you and provide you with a quotation.

If you are looking for a Gauteng-based truck parts centre that can service your needs effectively and affordably then you have certainly come to the right place. Take the time to browse through our products or chat to one of our sales consultants who can ensure that a detailed quotation is presented to you and that you are provided with further information and advice on any of our products that might interest you.