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Truck and Trailer Parts for Your Transport Fleet

If you operate a company in the trucking industry, you will most likely know the importance of investing in the correct truck and trailer parts for your business to run efficiently. Running a transport business can be a stressful undertaking, and there are many pitfalls to avoid in this industry. The most basic thing to take care of is to ensure that your truck fleet is frequently serviced and checked thoroughly before leaving the depot.

Checking your truck and trailer parts before your vehicles leave the depot on assignment or delivery is essential to the success of your company and to pre-empt any unforeseen incidents that can be avoided. The best way to prepare for this type of happenstance is to perhaps have the some of the parts that can possibly prove problematic on board of the truck, with your drivers trained in how to install it should a break down occur. What this accomplishes is that if something should happen, the truck and trailer parts are already onboard. These measures can be taken to help deal with a possible break down fast in order to minimise downtimes. Delays can be costly not only to your company but to your clients’ too, as delayed deliveries can result in late fees and a myriad of other problems for them.

We are one of the preeminent suppliers of quality and affordable truck and trailer parts in South Africa. For many years, Truckpart have been leading the way forward for the South African truck parts industry. We work with our clients to add tangible value to their companies. If you are looking for an industry leader that is vested in your success and will receive great customer service from, contact Truckpart to discuss all your truck parts requirements.

Truck Parts for Your Transport Vehicles in Africa

africa truck partMany companies in South Africa make use of trucks in order to transport their goods due to the poor state of the national rail infrastructure. This means that a lot more pressure is placed on South Africa’s road infrastructure and that these trucks play an important role in many different industries. What happens if one of these trucks should get stuck alongside the road somewhere? This can be a huge problem and have far reaching consequences not only for the fleet company, but also for the sector involved. This can be a particular problem if the required truck parts in Africa are unavailable.

Down time is never a good thing and can cause profit loss to your client and to your business. This is why you need the backing of a national truck parts company in South Africa that will be able to get the correct replacement parts to you, wherever you are.

At Truckpart, we are committed to your success and will provide you with all the help you need to keep your trucks safe on the road. We work hard to help keep our customers’ trucks on the road and keep them running throughout the year, come hell or high water. This is only part of our commitment to delivering a quality service.

We believe that offering a value-adding service to our customers will not only help them to grow their companies, but will also benefit us. Thus, we are committed to your success and seeing you succeed. Our exceptionally skilled technicians are trained to the highest standards. This means you receive only the best service when you trust Truckpart with your truck needs, and we will help you to meet all your obligations and deliver for your clients, no matter what. Contact us to discuss all your truck parts needs in South Africa.

Aftermarket Truck Parts for Running Your Vehicles

Owning a truck is a maintenance-intensive operation and if you do not make sure the truck is maintained and serviced on a regular basis, you will soon find that your asset will become a liability. A truck’s primary use is for the transport of heavy loads and thus it is categorised under heavy vehicles. Due to the heavy loads that these trucks are tasked with transporting on a constant basis, there are parts that are susceptible to wear and tear along the way, more so than the parts of any other vehicle. It is for this reason why the importance of having your truck regularly serviced should be underscored.

If you are just starting out in the transport industry and already have a truck fleet, you will do well to ensure that all the parts on the vehicles are in great working condition. As you are starting your business up, you may not have the money to replace some parts of the truck with brand new, original spares. Aftermarket truck parts are still new parts. However, these parts are cheaper than original truck parts from the truck manufacturer.

These parts are manufactured by companies other than the vehicle’s manufacturer. Because of this, the parts aren’t as expensive as they would be when you purchase original manufacturer parts. This does not diminish its quality or durability, however, and you will still be able to find great bargains that will help you to keep your overheads in check.

If you are interested in learning about the different parts that are available as aftermarket truck parts, then read on:

  • The chassis;
  • Cabin;
  • Suspension;
  • Drive train; and the
  • Axles to name a few.

If you are concerned about that fact that these parts may be inferior quality to that of the original parts, this is certainly not the case. The difference between the parts is that the original parts are specially made for the truck by the manufacturer, while the aftermarket parts are merely a generic substitution of the original parts, which means that although they have a different name, their quality, use and purpose is exactly the same as the original parts.

Affordable Aftermarket Truck Parts

You may be wondering why these cheaper alternatives exist, and why the original parts manufacturer charges so much for the original parts. A need was identified in the market for cheaper truck parts, so companies decided to offer a more affordable alternative to the industry than original manufacturer parts.

There is no demised quality with aftermarket products. There is also nothing wrong with the original parts, except for the fact that they are far more expensive and are designed in such a way that it requires the supplier to install it themselves in many instances. This means that not are you only charged exorbitantly for the part, but you are also charged for the instalment of the part on your truck.

We are one of the industry leaders in the aftermarket truck parts industry in South Africa. For many years Truckpart have been helping the South African trucks industry to operate competitively and affordably. We will work with you to help you meet all your business goals and requirements, while keeping your trucks on the road and your drivers safe. We realise the importance of a reliable fleet of vehicles and the goodwill that can be lost when breakdowns and downtime occurs, which is why we are committed to the success of our clients. A lot of our business derives from word of mouth referrals, which is just another testament to our great customer service.

Contact us to discuss all your aftermarket truck parts requirements. 

Precise Steering Box and Diff Rebuilding

Having a transport business can be a difficult undertaking if unprepared. The first, and perhaps most important aspect of deciding to enter this industry, is to plan out the trucks. How many vehicles should you start out with, and how many you can afford?

When starting out in this industry, small companies tend to start with one or a couple of trucks in the beginning. The second aspect to take into account is that your trucks will need to be serviced and repaired. Finding a reputable service centre and truck workshop that can take care of things such as steering box and diff rebuilding will be pivotal to your success.

Avoiding Expensive Auto Repair Costs

There are ways you can minimise the costs associated with maintaining a fleet of trucks. Firstly, you need to acknowledge that maintenance and repair costs will be a very real and realistic cost that you will need to budget and plan for. Keeping your trucks in good condition and your drivers safe on the road is just as important for the future success of your company as securing new contracts and maintaining a healthy client retention rate.

However, there are things you can do to minimise these costs and to keep your trucks healthy and on the road:

  • Maintenance schedule: Keep the fleets’ maintenance on schedule. This entails the service of the vehicles, from tire pressure checks and tuning the truck up and, if needed, steering box and diff rebuilding.
  • Change the fluids and oils on schedule: This will be exceptionally important to the health of your fleet. Keeping on top of oil changes and all other fluid changes will impact heavily on the lifespan of your truck fleet. These include brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluids and power steering fluids, which all forms a crucial part to the efficiency of your vehicles and the way they run.
  • Brakes: Having your brakes checked regularly and replaced when necessary is important for the safety of your drivers and other road users. If you don’t replace worn brakes, you can be sure that you will end up spending a lot more money to replace the brake rotors and drums in future.

We are one of the leaders in the truck parts industry in South Africa. If you are looking for a reliable workshop experienced in steering box and diff rebuilding and other truck maintenance requirements, contact Truckpart today.

Precision Engineering for Lower Running Costs on Your Vehicles

To begin understanding the importance of precision engineering for your company, a complete understanding of this concept is required. Precision engineering is not only limited to the mechanical engineering industry, but also has applications in electrical engineering, software engineering and even optical engineering. The precision is exactly what defines this type of engineering. Precision engineering is used to engineer parts and pieces that are incredibly delicate and need to be measured to have precise corners, gaps and holes. These products have a low tolerance.

According to the professors that worked on the concept of precision engineering, this process is designed to accomplish a number of things which are listed below:

  • Precise movement: This form of engineering is used to create precise movement in order for the parts to have exact measurements.
  • Promote assembly: It is also designed to eliminate fitting and promote assembly. Precision engineering is designed to lessen the initial cost of machining a part, which means that the part is successfully machined the first time round.
  • Costs: The running costs of the machinery will be reduced and the safety of a product is guaranteed.

Equipment designed to initiate precision engineering are products such as the lathe machine, as well as the machines that are designed to test engine parts and correct wear and tear on these parts. There are many reasons why companies make use of these precision engineering machines, one of the most popular being the lowered costs to them. Lower costs don’t imply the use of inferior materials, but rather that the running costs of these machines are lower than any other type of machine.

At Truckpart we pride ourselves in the fact that we only use precision engineering machines. This means that all the parts produced in our workshops are engineered to perfection. This is what separates us from our competitors. Everything we do is precision and that is part of our commitment to providing the best customer service to every one of our valued clients. We invest in the very latest precision engineering technology to produce affordable and quality parts for our customers. We are committed to keeping your vehicles safe on the roads and running, and will work with you to make sure we accomplish this task.

Contact us to discuss our manufacturing process and to learn more about how we perfect our products.

Stockists of Replacement Parts for Major Truck Brands

Trucks form part of a logistic chain that keeps our country running. At Truckpart, we realise that when a truck breaks down the need for replacement parts is urgent. We carry stocks for all major truck brands and our team of mechanics are all qualified to perform major overhauls. All parts fitted by us come a with 100 000 km warranty, which is backed by the manufacturers. This level of service has led to Truckpart being on the vendor list for all major insurance companies.

Repairs on trucks are made harder by the fact that all replacement parts are much larger than those of an ordinary motor vehicle. Our workshops are purpose built to deal with the bulk associated with repairs on busses and trucks. Parts that can be replaced at our workshop include:

  • Air Systems

This is a crucial part of truck maintenance because the air system is responsible for the breaks of the vehicle. This system requires constant monitoring, which is why we include regular checks as part of our fleet management service.

  • Clutch components

Due to heavy loads, the gearbox and clutch systems are placed under tremendous strain all the time. For this reason, clutch components cannot be repaired and have to be replaced.

  • Driveshaft

The size of a truck driveshaft or prop shaft makes replacement very challenging. The positioning of the driveshaft is vital to the smooth running of the vehicle. Truckpart makes use of specialised machinery to ensure that the balancing is perfect.

  • Power steering systems

Without a perfectly working steering system, trucks are virtually un-driveable. Our Truckpart team can remove and replace steering systems using one of our fully fitted mobile units.

  • Cylinder heads

A faulty cylinder head can result in a loss of compression. It can also, eventually, lead to disastrous leaks that may cripple a vehicle.

  • Wheel bearings

When driving a motorcar, the bearings will make tell-tale sounds to let you know that they need replacing. Truck drivers do not always have this luxury. With heavy workloads, truck bearings will not give much warning. We examine and replace these bearings quickly enough so that drivers need not worry about falling way behind schedule.

At Truckpart, we are able to assess problems quickly and efficiently. Our standard warranty means that drivers leave our workshops with the confident knowledge that all our truck replacement parts are of the highest quality and that their lives and those of other road-users are not at risk.

Truck owners are always on the lookout out for new service centres and ways to keep their trucks in good shape, and more importantly, on the road. Truck transportation companies can’t afford any downtime as this means loss of revenue and goodwill. If you are a truck owner and need advice on looking after your trucks, here are a few pointers that will help you to keep your trucks healthy and well-maintained.

Let’s start with the basics. These things should be done before every journey, and if the truck is a short haul truck then it should be done once a week. Make sure that your oil is checked on a regular basis, particularly before taking on a long haul trip; the oil needs to be topped up if it is getting low.  Unlike cars, trucks need oil on a regular basis because of the amount of power it exerts. As you check the oil, the radiator fluid will also need to be checked on a regular basis. Checking this frequently will prevent overheating and will also give you an opportunity to check for leaks that need immediate attention.

Tire pressure is important. It is not only relevant for trucks, but for any vehicle that travels on open roads. Unlike a car with a burst tire, a truck with a burst tire carrying a large load can be hazardous for all road users. Keep an eye on the tires’ tread and an eye out for smooth tires. These are all basic but important points to remember when looking after your trucks.

As with any vehicle, regular services are important and even more so with trucks. Trucks should be checked over thoroughly before long haul journeys. If the truck is only used for short hauls it needs to be checked thoroughly at least once a month. Brakes have to be checked on a regular basis, especially with heavier trucks that carry large loads. You will feel the signs of poor breaks when you slow down and the truck vibrates. It is always best to be safe rather than sorry. Spare parts should be kept in the trucks on long haul journeys and drivers should be trained on how to replace these spares if necessary in an emergency. Drivers should also be trained on how looking after you trucks is as important for you as it is for them.

At Truckpart we service commercial trucks and make sure that they are in top shape, helping you to when it comes to looking after your trucks.

A Recognised Isuzu Truck and Parts Workshop

Isuzu is one of the largest truck manufacturers in the world and their vehicles are best serviced with genuine parts. There are many different models available for customers to choose from, depending on their requirements. Truckpart mechanics have been trained to carry out all aspects of maintenance using only manufacturer guaranteed parts. We realise that when people choose an Isuzu truck, they are purchasing more than just a heavy goods vehicle; they are purchasing the brand and its associated reliability as well. This is why when a truck leaves our workshop, it provides the standard of engineering that our customers expect from Isuzu.

Specific Isuzu truck maintenance tasks that our team is qualified to perform include:

  • Cabs and Paintwork

Isuzu cabs are manufactured with their trucks in mind, so any repairs or replacements must be done according to their specifications, including design and finishing. Our painting facility uses factory quality paints and our spares shop is able to replace any badges or logos that may be have been damaged.

  • Engines

As the heart of any truck, the engine needs to be maintained according to guidelines laid down by the manufacturer. This includes the spare parts that are used and performance specs. Any work done on the engines, ranging from head replacement/repair to valve refacing and even details like the fuel mix and piston firing order, must adhere to Isuzu standards.

  • Gearbox

A truck gearbox is a very intricate piece of machinery because the gears are designed to perform multiple gear splits that allow for smooth transitions and minimal shaking. Isuzu has refined their gearboxes to synchronise with engine output and any work done on them must bear this in mind.

  • Differentials

These transmit the power that is generated to the wheels. The differential ratios will differ for various makes of trucks. Mechanics working on Isuzu trucks must have an excellent working knowledge of the manufacturer specifications in order to perform work that meets with the stringent standards of Isuzu.

  • Connector rods

These are responsible for connecting the pistons to the driveshaft. Their replacement can be very costly. Our technicians have machinery that allows us to repair conrods and save companies the expense of a new part. All conrod resizing and honing is done according to Isuzu specifications.

We at Truckpart are proud of our associations with big brands like Isuzu. Our workshop will only use parts that have been designed with a specific truck in mind. We, furthermore, guarantee that all work is done up to factory spec.

Replacing Truck Parts from a Reliable Dealership

Replacing trucks is a major expense compared to purchasing the parts that are needed to keep the truck running. There is no need to replace your entire truck if the air brakes are not working or the batteries are going. You just need to find a supplier that sells good quality truck replacement parts. Before the internet this would have required you to travel to the far ends of the earth but today you don’t even have to leave the building.

Go onto the internet and search for truck replacement parts in your area. The results will show up very quickly and there are so many places to choose from. Replacing and installing these parts is definitely the way to go but they are not always easy to physically do. The brake rotor is one of the main components of the disc braking systems.

When you are pushing down on your brakes it clamps down on the pads to stop the wheels from spinning. Replacing the brake rotors look easy but they are not. When replacing them make sure that the wheel bearings are lubricated properly before putting the brake rotors back onto the wheel. By doing this it ensures that you will have a safer drive and the brakes will be smoother than ever.

The trucks have foundation braking which is a well known air braking system. There are only a few parts that are designed for these purposes like air reservoir tanks, air compressors, push rods, slack adjusters and valves among a few others. The air compressors are used to pump air from the braking systems into the storage tanks. Companies sell air brake compressors, brake discs, brake rotors and many other truck replacement parts.

The trucks battery boxes mainly consist of lead-acid battery, its function is to last very long and bear the tests of time. Without this box the truck batteries run very weakly. Without it you will notice straight away when you start the vehicle, the battery goes bad when you turn the ignition on and nothing happens. That is why the battery boxes are very important, they are there to protect the batteries and cover them. They are available in all shapes and sizes, irrespective of how big the truck is.

Then there are fuel tanks that are kept in a container, it stores fuels that are inflammable. The fuels are released into the engine to keep the engine running. There are many types of fuel tanks and they vary from plastic, metals to polyethylene. Truck replacement parts are a convenient way of getting the best parts available for your truck.

Are You Looking for Truck Spares and Accessories?

Trucks and their usage have come a long way. Truck spares and accessories have increased dramatically the past few years. Today trucks are a huge necessity for running businesses. With trucks and their demanding usage every day, they need to be taken care of and maintained.

This form of maintenance is vitally important because the trucks are always needed for jobs and the employee’s on them need to be safe at all times. Should something go wrong because the vehicle was not maintained properly, the company is liable for injuries done to the employee. That is why companies buy truck spares and accessories so that they can prepare for any repairs or wear and tear on the trucks.

This is done so that they do not have to pay for mechanics to repair, for tows or for a new engine. This means that they are ready at anytime for any work, expected or unexpected. Buying parts is much better than buying a whole new truck, which is why it is worth investing in these parts.

Truck Spares Require Sophisticated and Precise Engineering

The chassis of the truck is the frame that keeps the body together; it holds the suspension, brakes, axle, tires, steering, engine and more. It is an essential part of the truck and very important because without it the truck would be flat on the floor in parts. They are commonly made of light steels or plastic. While they look fragile and weak, they are actually very versatile and hardy which makes them very firm.

The chassis keeps vibration and noise down while the truck is moving. A High-class chassis should ensure that the truck is always steady and reliable. The engine is the entire energy source of the truck. The fuels for them vary depending on the engine, but the majority of the trucks use diesel to fuel them.

Truck Spares and Accessories for a Good Maintenance Regime

Most trucks have a large engine capacity that gives the driver enough power to complete his job. However, if you do not look after the engine or it is weak then the truck will battle to perform and meet its destinations. The longer you leave it to struggle, the more it will cost you. That is if you fix it before it dies.

These are just two examples of truck parts that need to be maintained and fixed regularly. That is why buying truck spares and accessories are important for your business and its trucks. Rather pay a small amount of money investing in these parts than buying a whole new truck because it was not maintained properly.