A Recognised Isuzu Truck and Parts Workshop

Isuzu is one of the largest truck manufacturers in the world and their vehicles are best serviced with genuine parts. There are many different models available for customers to choose from, depending on their requirements. Truckpart mechanics have been trained to carry out all aspects of maintenance using only manufacturer guaranteed parts. We realise that when people choose an Isuzu truck, they are purchasing more than just a heavy goods vehicle; they are purchasing the brand and its associated reliability as well. This is why when a truck leaves our workshop, it provides the standard of engineering that our customers expect from Isuzu.

Specific Isuzu truck maintenance tasks that our team is qualified to perform include:

  • Cabs and Paintwork

Isuzu cabs are manufactured with their trucks in mind, so any repairs or replacements must be done according to their specifications, including design and finishing. Our painting facility uses factory quality paints and our spares shop is able to replace any badges or logos that may be have been damaged.

  • Engines

As the heart of any truck, the engine needs to be maintained according to guidelines laid down by the manufacturer. This includes the spare parts that are used and performance specs. Any work done on the engines, ranging from head replacement/repair to valve refacing and even details like the fuel mix and piston firing order, must adhere to Isuzu standards.

  • Gearbox

A truck gearbox is a very intricate piece of machinery because the gears are designed to perform multiple gear splits that allow for smooth transitions and minimal shaking. Isuzu has refined their gearboxes to synchronise with engine output and any work done on them must bear this in mind.

  • Differentials

These transmit the power that is generated to the wheels. The differential ratios will differ for various makes of trucks. Mechanics working on Isuzu trucks must have an excellent working knowledge of the manufacturer specifications in order to perform work that meets with the stringent standards of Isuzu.

  • Connector rods

These are responsible for connecting the pistons to the driveshaft. Their replacement can be very costly. Our technicians have machinery that allows us to repair conrods and save companies the expense of a new part. All conrod resizing and honing is done according to Isuzu specifications.

We at Truckpart are proud of our associations with big brands like Isuzu. Our workshop will only use parts that have been designed with a specific truck in mind. We, furthermore, guarantee that all work is done up to factory spec.