Heavy Duty Automotive Services

Automotive ProductsIf you manage a fleet of trucks on behalf of a company, you will know just how expensive it can be to maintain them. This is why you can benefit from a company who provides quality heavy duty automotive products and services that are aimed specifically at heavy-duty vehicles. These services can include body repairs, mechanical repairs and spare parts.

When it comes to body repairs you want an experienced team to work on your vehicle, as these repairs can often be on a large scale and be quite expensive. Truckpart specialises in all types of accident repairs on heavy-duty vehicles, including trucks and buses. We are also affiliated with SAMBRA and we are registered as a vendor with all the major insurance companies in South Africa. This means that we will provide you with a cost effective and professional service when it comes to any body repair work on your heavy duty vehicles.

Mechanical Parts and Services

At Truckpart, we have a complete mechanical workshop available, allowing us to offer various services on all commercial heavy-duty vehicles. This includes all electrical repairs, break services, unit replacements and propshaft repairs. We also supply your fleet with spare parts for the engine and chassis of your vehicle and you can be rest assured that they will be of the highest quality. All our replacement parts carry a one year / 100 000 km warrantee that is fully backed by the manufacturer. We stock spare parts for all major brands and this includes crankshafts, bearings, cylinder heads, fans and other important parts.

As a quality heavy duty automotive products and services provider in Pretoria, Truckpart also has engineering facilities that allow us to provide superior engineering services to our valued customers. We have high quality machinery available which allows us to perform services like grinding, pressure testing, propshaft balancing and more. We can also offer our customers vehicle recovery and breakdown assist services.

Maintaining your company’s fleet is essential as you will reduce ongoing maintenance costs, especially if you make use of high quality products and services. Heavy duty vehicles like trucks and buses need to be reliable on the road so that they can perform when they need to and also keep your drivers safe at all times.

Truckpart has been in business since 1989 and is a leader in quality heavy duty automotive products and services. We are based in Pretoria and our team is ready to assist you with affordable spares, fast turnaround on all services and expert advice and guidance on heavy-duty vehicles.