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Finding the right body or spare parts for commercial vehicles or trucks in South Africa can be a daunting task. This is especially true if you are in a situation that demands your immediate attention, such as one of your trucks being broken down next to the road. When faced with a situation such as this, you won’t have the luxury of searching for different parts to be able to repair the vehicle.

Commercial Vehicle Body Parts

If you are a start-up truck owner and have recently purchased a truck, you need to make sure that you know exactly where to get the parts that you will eventually need. The best way to go about ensuring you have the right part for the job when needed is to stock up on the parts specifically made for
your brand of truck. You may be wondering how you will know which parts your truck is going to need in the future. There are a number of parts that on any vehicle may give in to the normal wear and tear every. These could be parts such as filters, clutches, fuel pipes, fan belts and so on. Simply put, these are the parts that you will need to check when the vehicle has its service. These parts have to be readily available at a moment’s notice.

No business owner can afford a delay in getting the vehicle back on the road to complete its journey. While it is true that you cannot prepare for every eventuality and things may happen that are completely out of our control, you can be prepared for most emergencies when purchasing a commercial vehicle for your company. In the trucking industry, you should always have a backup plan. Buy the parts for your commercial vehicle from a reputable dealership in South Africa that will provide you with quality and competitively priced parts. There is nothing more frustrating and potentially devastating than knowing your vehicle is stuck and it has a delivery deadline while you are struggling to find the right parts for the vehicle.

The question now is how to decide on the right supplier of commercial vehicle body parts and spare parts in South Africa. There are a few questions that you have to ask before deciding on the supplier that will be able to meet your needs. The first thing is to choose a supplier that has branches in areas in which your truck may travel. This is especially important for long haul vehicles. It’s necessary to be sure that your supplier is able to provide you with any part no matter where in South Africa your truck may be at any given time. A supplier that usually has a number of branches spread throughout the country is bound to be a trusted and reliable brand. You need to make sure that this supplier has the right body parts and spares for your make of commercial vehicle.

If you are struggling to find commercial vehicle body parts and spare parts in South Africa, there is no need to worry. Truckpart has branches all over South Africa and if the job cannot be done on site, we have workshops at every branch and will tow and fix your truck in no time. We realise the devastation that downtime can pose for your company, and this is why we place a heavy emphasis on keeping our clients’ vehicles on the road.

One of our consultants will be readily available to assist you. So contact us for all your commercial vehicle body parts and spare parts in South Africa.

Truck owners are always on the lookout out for new service centres and ways to keep their trucks in good shape, and more importantly, on the road. Truck transportation companies can’t afford any downtime as this means loss of revenue and goodwill. If you are a truck owner and need advice on looking after your trucks, here are a few pointers that will help you to keep your trucks healthy and well-maintained.

Let’s start with the basics. These things should be done before every journey, and if the truck is a short haul truck then it should be done once a week. Make sure that your oil is checked on a regular basis, particularly before taking on a long haul trip; the oil needs to be topped up if it is getting low.  Unlike cars, trucks need oil on a regular basis because of the amount of power it exerts. As you check the oil, the radiator fluid will also need to be checked on a regular basis. Checking this frequently will prevent overheating and will also give you an opportunity to check for leaks that need immediate attention.

Tire pressure is important. It is not only relevant for trucks, but for any vehicle that travels on open roads. Unlike a car with a burst tire, a truck with a burst tire carrying a large load can be hazardous for all road users. Keep an eye on the tires’ tread and an eye out for smooth tires. These are all basic but important points to remember when looking after your trucks.

As with any vehicle, regular services are important and even more so with trucks. Trucks should be checked over thoroughly before long haul journeys. If the truck is only used for short hauls it needs to be checked thoroughly at least once a month. Brakes have to be checked on a regular basis, especially with heavier trucks that carry large loads. You will feel the signs of poor breaks when you slow down and the truck vibrates. It is always best to be safe rather than sorry. Spare parts should be kept in the trucks on long haul journeys and drivers should be trained on how to replace these spares if necessary in an emergency. Drivers should also be trained on how looking after you trucks is as important for you as it is for them.

At Truckpart we service commercial trucks and make sure that they are in top shape, helping you to when it comes to looking after your trucks.