Toyota Aftermarket Parts

In the repairs, maintenance and serving world for heavy duty automobiles things are done in a certain way to ensure safety and peace of mind. When a vehicle is involved in an accident or requires some replacements to be done during servicing and maintenance procedures there will be a need for spares, parts and accessories. This is where things can get complicated. Most insurance companies will make use of a select number of service providers on the market with us at Truckpart being one of the trusted companies with most major insurance companies. When parts and spares are sought out, for a Toyota branded vehicle for example, you will find that there are both OEM parts and aftermarket parts available.

Understanding the difference between the two options can in fact make all the difference. Many would believe that they absolutely have to have OEM parts supplied during repairs when in fact, aftermarket parts from trusted sources and manufacturers are just as safe and durable with exceptional quality on offer. The definitions of each option are below for your ease of reference and understanding if you are looking for repairs, replacements and maintenance tasks to be carried out on your vehicle:

  • Aftermarket spares and parts – these are parts and spares that are manufactured to be compatible with leading brands of vehicles, but are from companies other than that actual manufacturer itself. In the case of Toyota, the parts supplied will work perfectly with the vehicle and made to do so, but will not have actually been manufactured by Toyota itself.
  • OEM parts and spares – these are parts that are created and supplied by the actual manufacturer. Original Equipment Manufacturer parts and spares for a Toyota for example will be manufactured only by Toyota themselves.

At Truckpart, we have our premises fully equipped with the best in terms of engineering equipment which means that we can manufacture aftermarket items at an affordable rate. We make use of only the most qualified and experienced machinists which mean you can have the peace of mind that you are investing in a product that has been created with precision. When parts are fitted we also make use of only qualified assemblers, not just for your convenience and peace of mind, but to ensure safety is taken into account at absolutely every level.

We have our own 30 000 square meter premises located in Zandfontein and employ over 80 competent, qualified and experienced staff members who are always working hard to present a product range to the market that offers value for money. We test each and every unit before it leaves our premises, which means that you can rest assured you are being supplied with safe and functional units, without fail.

Truckpart has been serving the automotive market since 1989 and have since been only improving on and expanding on our range of products and the related services that we offer. We encourage our clients to chat to our consultants about their needs and requirements and will promise you a professional, reliable and trustworthy service at all times.

When seeking out Toyota aftermarket parts you are sure to find exactly what you need with us at Truckpart. Our range is extensive and our service offering too. You will also find that our team is able to provide you with further information and advice on any of our products that might interest you. We work daily towards presenting our clients with the type of product range that will simply impress. Order your aftermarket parts from us and you will not be disappointed.