truck pars

Keeping a fleet of heavy duty vehicles and buses maintained is quite a challenge, for any business. If you want to ensure that your trucks, busses or other heavy duty commercial vehicles are well looked after then it is best to have a professional and experienced repairs and maintenance team on your side and at your disposal. At Truckpart we present the market with truck body parts and other parts that are of the highest quality.

We make our parts available for sale and also use them in repairs and maintenance tasks that we carry out for our clients. What services can you expect to acquire from us at Truckpart? For starters, we offer professional and efficient repairs to accident damaged trucks and heavy duty vehicles. We are listed with all major insurance companies as registered vendors and are also affiliated to SAMBRA. Our attention to detail and the fact that we make use of only the finest quality paint ensures that we can offer our clients the very best outcomes. Our repair service is trusted by market leaders such as SAB-Miller, ABI, Mercedes Benz, Premier Foods, Northwest Star, Lowveld Bus, and so on.

We also have a fully equipped mechanical workshop which is ideal for servicing a variety of commercial vehicles. The types of services that we carry out include complete unit replacements, auto electrical repairs, brake services, prop shaft repairs. Our supply of spare parts for trucks includes the best quality engine and chassis parts. We provide OE replacement parts which have a manufacturer backed warranty of 1 year (or 100 000km). Our range of spare parts includes cylinder heads, crankshafts, heads, blocks, conrods, bearings, fans, dampers and so on. If you are looking for something specific we encourage you to chat to one of our sales consultants and we will see what we can do for you.

We also offer rebuilding services for diff, gearboxes, steering boxes and engines. We make use of only top quality parts that are tested on a dyno after rebuilding, to ensure safety and quality of workmanship. When it comes to engineering, we have the best machinery and equipment available to us. Our equipment offers surface grinding, pressure testing, valve refacer, crank shaft grinding, block honing, line boring, flywheel skimming, lathe machines, vacuum tester, shim grinder and so on.

Of course this is not all that we have to offer our clients at Truckpart. We offer a number of services that can be carried out at and originate from our premises such as sandblasting, dyno testing, washing of trucks and buses, boilermaking, mobile kingpin press, aluminium and cast iron welding and so on.

If you are looking for a reputable supplier of top quality truck body parts and other parts then you have come to just the right place. Take the time to chat to us at Truckpart about your needs and requirements and we will ensure that you are presented with a detailed quotation and a wealth of product related information and advice.