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Heavy duty vehicles can be expensive to maintain, especially if when it comes to truck accessories and parts. This is why you can benefit by having a reliable supplier and workshop that can help to maintain your fleet. Trucks and buses need to be on the road and performing optimally for the business, making it essential for fleet managers and business owners to work with a reputable service centre.

It’s important to work with the supplier who has a fully equipped workshop that can offer all the services that you require. This can include unit replacements, electrical services and repairs, propshaft repairs, and break services. You might also need to have some body work done to your vehicles from time to time, which is why you can benefit from a supplier who specialises in body repairs specifically for heavy-duty vehicles. You want a workshop will offer outstanding quality workmanship and superior aftersales service.

Working with Truckpart

Truckpart is a leading supplier of high quality truck accessories and parts for all major brands, allowing us to provide you with affordable prices and quality workmanship. We provide engine and chassis parts and order replacement parts that carry a 1 year / 100,000 km warranty from the manufacturer. We can also assist our customers with engine and gearbox rebuilding; we will use only the highest quality parts as well as qualified assemblage to perform the service. This means that we can provide you with a broad range of services as well as truck accessories and parts for your entire heavy-duty fleet.

We also specialise in engine, gearbox and steering box rebuilding. We have been involved in engine and gearbox rebuilding since our business began and we believe that we are an industry leader when it comes to quality service as well as reliable truck accessories and parts. We own some of the best and most advanced engineering equipment available, allowing us to perform pressure testing, propshaft balancing, block honing, conrod resizing, seat cutting and more.

In addition to truck accessories and parts for heavy duty vehicles, we can also provide additional services like sandblasting, dyno testing, diff reconditioning and more. This makes our workshop fully equipped to handle a wide variety of repairs and engineering services. We can also perform work on military vehicles.

If you are looking for specific truck accessories and parts you can request them online via our website. We will get in touch with you as soon as we receive your query, saving you time and money in the process. Our team is always ready to assist you with your requirements, regardless of the make and model of your vehicles.

Truckpart is a leading provider of truck accessories and parts in the Pretoria area. We work with you to find the best spare parts for your heavy duty vehicles and can also provide repair services and engineering support. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with quality parts and accessories for your trucks and buses.

Truck and Trailer Parts for Your Transport Fleet

If you operate a company in the trucking industry, you will most likely know the importance of investing in the correct truck and trailer parts for your business to run efficiently. Running a transport business can be a stressful undertaking, and there are many pitfalls to avoid in this industry. The most basic thing to take care of is to ensure that your truck fleet is frequently serviced and checked thoroughly before leaving the depot.

Checking your truck and trailer parts before your vehicles leave the depot on assignment or delivery is essential to the success of your company and to pre-empt any unforeseen incidents that can be avoided. The best way to prepare for this type of happenstance is to perhaps have the some of the parts that can possibly prove problematic on board of the truck, with your drivers trained in how to install it should a break down occur. What this accomplishes is that if something should happen, the truck and trailer parts are already onboard. These measures can be taken to help deal with a possible break down fast in order to minimise downtimes. Delays can be costly not only to your company but to your clients’ too, as delayed deliveries can result in late fees and a myriad of other problems for them.

We are one of the preeminent suppliers of quality and affordable truck and trailer parts in South Africa. For many years, Truckpart have been leading the way forward for the South African truck parts industry. We work with our clients to add tangible value to their companies. If you are looking for an industry leader that is vested in your success and will receive great customer service from, contact Truckpart to discuss all your truck parts requirements.

Truck Parts for Your Transport Vehicles in Africa

africa truck partMany companies in South Africa make use of trucks in order to transport their goods due to the poor state of the national rail infrastructure. This means that a lot more pressure is placed on South Africa’s road infrastructure and that these trucks play an important role in many different industries. What happens if one of these trucks should get stuck alongside the road somewhere? This can be a huge problem and have far reaching consequences not only for the fleet company, but also for the sector involved. This can be a particular problem if the required truck parts in Africa are unavailable.

Down time is never a good thing and can cause profit loss to your client and to your business. This is why you need the backing of a national truck parts company in South Africa that will be able to get the correct replacement parts to you, wherever you are.

At Truckpart, we are committed to your success and will provide you with all the help you need to keep your trucks safe on the road. We work hard to help keep our customers’ trucks on the road and keep them running throughout the year, come hell or high water. This is only part of our commitment to delivering a quality service.

We believe that offering a value-adding service to our customers will not only help them to grow their companies, but will also benefit us. Thus, we are committed to your success and seeing you succeed. Our exceptionally skilled technicians are trained to the highest standards. This means you receive only the best service when you trust Truckpart with your truck needs, and we will help you to meet all your obligations and deliver for your clients, no matter what. Contact us to discuss all your truck parts needs in South Africa.

truck repairs

The trucking industry in South Africa is extremely important for various sectors of the economy. It can also be a very lucrative industry, if managed correctly and profitably. As any truck fleet operator knows one of the biggest expenses of operating in this industry is the repairs that trucks periodically need. It is an unavoidable expense of operating in the industry and should be viewed as a further investment in your company. Finding a reputable supplier of repair parts for trucks that offers quality and durable products will be an important aspect to getting the most value for your money.

Trucks are designed to be very powerful and might also be configured to mount specialised equipment. Examples of this can be concrete mixers, fire trucks and suction excavators, among others. Modern trucks run either on diesel or gasoline engines, with diesel engine trucks being commercially dominant in South Africa.

There are many types of repair parts for trucks that range in price and importance in terms of trucks. Here are a few of these available from us:

  • Chassis: A truck’s chassis is the central framework of the vehicle. This includes the transmission, engine, differential, driveshaft and suspension. These elements support the entire coachwork. The chassis contains all the essential parts of the entire truck, aside from the actual body of the vehicle.
  • Cab: The cab of the truck refers to the space where the driver will sit and operate the truck. In most trucks the cab will be accompanied by a sleeper which provides a resting place for the driver during off times. There are different cab configurations such as the Cab over Engine which is configured so that the driver will be seated above the engine and front axle. Another configuration is the Conventional Cab, where the driver will be seated behind the engine, much like with a regular vehicle.
  • Engine: Many of the modern trucks on the road today will operate on a four stroke diesel engine complete with an after cooler and turbocharger. There are the large off-highway trucks which make use of locomotive type engines.
  • Axles: This acts as a gear or central shaft for the rotating wheel. The axle has to be one of the most important parts of a truck. The axle will empower the wheels using the driving torque and will also help to keep the wheel’s positioning consistent relative to the vehicle body and to each other.
  • Suspension: The suspension of the truck refers to the complete assembly of springs, linkages and shock absorbers. The suspension’s primary purpose is to contribute to the vehicle’s road handling and braking while keeping the driver relative isolated from bumps, road noise and vibrations.

These are the most important parts of a truck. If you are looking for a legitimate and reputable national supplier of affordable repair parts for trucks then opt for Truckpart. Operating for nearly 20 years in South Africa, they have garnered a reputation for their commitment to customer service excellence and value-adding products and services. Truckpart will source durable and quality truck parts for your vehicles and keep your drivers safe on the road.

Through their large buying power Truckpart is able to provide their customers with great value for money while only providing them with affordable and quality repair parts for trucks. With a national presence throughout South Africa, you will be able to find Truckpart across the country ready to offer you value-added services. Their seasoned technicians will help you choose the best parts for your trucks and help ensure you receive the very best value for your money.

Many people wonder about the benefits and advantages of buying their truck parts and spares from reputable and legitimate resellers. Truth be told, there are plenty of reasons why you should, with even more reasons why you should buy it from flyby night outfits. As any truck owner realises, purchasing spares and parts for the fleet is an investment in your vehicles and in your company.

There is no reason in skimping on the cost of the parts only to have to replace it again mere months down the line. Rather, more and more people are looking to high quality and durable parts and spares and viewing it as a direct investment. Sure, these parts might be more expensive than undocumented and unguaranteed parts, but they also deliver a thousand per cent better results.

If you are still unconvinced as to the many advantages of buying truck parts and spares from legitimate resellers, then read on:

  • Access to high quality parts: When purchasing your parts and spares from a legitimate and reputable reseller you will receive access to durable and quality parts for your fleet of trucks. You can rest assured that you receive the very best quality available and will enjoy the benefits of investing in these superior parts.
  • Unrivalled aftersales service: Dealing with an established and reputable company is different than dealing with an unprofessional and fleeting company only out to make a profit in the short term. You will receive professional and unsurpassed aftersales service even once the transaction has been concluded – something which you are not guaranteed when working with unprofessional people.
  • Recourse available: If you have any query or problem with the parts or spares that you’ve purchased, you will have some type of recourse at your disposal. This is especially true when dealing with a national company that has a great reputation.
  • Warranties and guarantees: If you deal with a flyby night outfit you will never receive an industry standard warranty or guaranty on your parts and spares. Dealing with a legitimate reseller might even provide you with above average warranties and guaranties. This means that your parts and spares will be protected from faults and wear for some time after you purchase it.

These are only some of the many benefits and advantages you can expect when dealing with a legitimate supplier. Truckpart has nearly 20 years’ experience supplying South Africans with high quality, durable and affordable truck parts and spares.

Getting the most from Your Replacement Parts for Trucks

Replacement PartsThe truck fleet industry in South Africa is an important facet of South Africa’s commerce. Trucks are responsible for transporting many of the essential items and products that consumers simply take for granted. When a truck breaks down it means lost revenue for the company and delays in shipments and deliveries which sets in a whole chain of disastrous events. As any truck fleet company will no doubt know dealing with replacement parts for trucks is part and parcel to operating in the industry.

However, these parts should not only be viewed as a business expense, but as an investment in the company itself. You deserve the best value for your money and this is where you should be discerning about where you purchase your replacement parts from. When looking for a supplier of replacement parts for trucks it is important to consider what they are offering in terms of adding value to your company.

Sure, replacement parts are important for your company and you cannot do without it, but you should still receive value for your money. Here are a few ways you can ensure you receive the very best value for your money when looking to purchase replacement parts:

  • Buy from reputable resellers with strong buying power: This is perhaps one of the best ways you can ensure that you will indeed receive the very best value for your money. Aside from the great customer service you are sure to receive from a large supplier, you will also be privy to fantastic savings. The reason for this is because of these big resellers’ market share and buying power they are able to buy parts and spares at affordable costs and carry the savings over to their consumers.
  • Insist on industry standard warranties: Whether you’re buying OEM or refurbished parts, you should still insist on receiving the industry standard guaranties and warranties normally allowed for in the industry. This might be viewed as a watershed moment – if there is any hesitation from the supplier in affording you this, warning bells should already start ringing. Why should you have confidence in their products if they don’t?

These are only some of the ways you can ensure that you get the utmost from your replacement truck parts. Truckpart have been servicing Johannesburg and South Africa with quality and affordable replacement parts for trucks for nearly 20 years. Contact them for unsurpassed quality and unbeatable customer service.