Truck Repairs

Heavy duty automobile repairs and maintenance is quite different to the repairs and maintenance of a regular passenger vehicle. These particular vehicles are workhorses that take a great deal of strain over a long distance and as a result, repairs and maintenance tasks can be quite gruelling. What’s more, the parts and accessories used need to be of the utmost best quality for reliability, durability and of course safety of the driver and other’s on the road. The quality of truck spare parts is something that cannot be compromised on and at Truckpart we guarantee our clients access to the best OE replacement parts on the market.

The parts that we offer to our clients all come with a 100 000km / 1 year warranty attached. This of course presents great peace of mind to our clients. In addition to this, any repair and maintenance work that we do on your truck or fleet of trucks is done with the best workmanship guaranteed. All of our mechanics, technicians and consultants are experienced and qualified in the industry – we believe that only the best will do for our clients.

The Truckpart team has been serving the South African market since 1989. This gives us 25 years of experience in the industry to offer you and we take the time to treat each and every one of our customers and repair / maintenance tasks as our top priority. Our extensive list of spare parts that we offer to the market also includes blocks, cylinder heads, crank shafts, conrods, bearings, fans, dampers and a great deal more.

We operate from a 3000 square meter premises in Zandfontein with the efficient assistance of 80 staff members. Of course we do not limit ourselves to only assisting clients in the surrounding area. We are happy to do business with anyone seeking out spare parts for trucks anywhere in South Africa. Simply let us know what you are looking for and we will advise you on availability and how we can best arrange for your parts and accessories to be delivered to you.

If you are shopping around and would like one of our consultants to contact you with information and a quotation on any particular parts and accessories, we encourage you to make use of our “Request Parts” feature on our website. Simply complete the form here with your personal details and the details of the parts or services that you are interested in and one of our professional and knowledgeable consultants will get back to you as soon as possible.

At Truckpart, we specialise in providing spare parts, rebuilding services and body repair services to all heavy duty trucks and buses. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient team to take care of your fleet of trucks and buses, then you have come to just the right place. Truckpart takes great pride in the quality of workmanship and products provided, and look forward to assisting you with finding the right truck spare parts for your intended repair or maintenance service.

truck repairs

The trucking industry in South Africa is extremely important for various sectors of the economy. It can also be a very lucrative industry, if managed correctly and profitably. As any truck fleet operator knows one of the biggest expenses of operating in this industry is the repairs that trucks periodically need. It is an unavoidable expense of operating in the industry and should be viewed as a further investment in your company. Finding a reputable supplier of repair parts for trucks that offers quality and durable products will be an important aspect to getting the most value for your money.

Trucks are designed to be very powerful and might also be configured to mount specialised equipment. Examples of this can be concrete mixers, fire trucks and suction excavators, among others. Modern trucks run either on diesel or gasoline engines, with diesel engine trucks being commercially dominant in South Africa.

There are many types of repair parts for trucks that range in price and importance in terms of trucks. Here are a few of these available from us:

  • Chassis: A truck’s chassis is the central framework of the vehicle. This includes the transmission, engine, differential, driveshaft and suspension. These elements support the entire coachwork. The chassis contains all the essential parts of the entire truck, aside from the actual body of the vehicle.
  • Cab: The cab of the truck refers to the space where the driver will sit and operate the truck. In most trucks the cab will be accompanied by a sleeper which provides a resting place for the driver during off times. There are different cab configurations such as the Cab over Engine which is configured so that the driver will be seated above the engine and front axle. Another configuration is the Conventional Cab, where the driver will be seated behind the engine, much like with a regular vehicle.
  • Engine: Many of the modern trucks on the road today will operate on a four stroke diesel engine complete with an after cooler and turbocharger. There are the large off-highway trucks which make use of locomotive type engines.
  • Axles: This acts as a gear or central shaft for the rotating wheel. The axle has to be one of the most important parts of a truck. The axle will empower the wheels using the driving torque and will also help to keep the wheel’s positioning consistent relative to the vehicle body and to each other.
  • Suspension: The suspension of the truck refers to the complete assembly of springs, linkages and shock absorbers. The suspension’s primary purpose is to contribute to the vehicle’s road handling and braking while keeping the driver relative isolated from bumps, road noise and vibrations.

These are the most important parts of a truck. If you are looking for a legitimate and reputable national supplier of affordable repair parts for trucks then opt for Truckpart. Operating for nearly 20 years in South Africa, they have garnered a reputation for their commitment to customer service excellence and value-adding products and services. Truckpart will source durable and quality truck parts for your vehicles and keep your drivers safe on the road.

Through their large buying power Truckpart is able to provide their customers with great value for money while only providing them with affordable and quality repair parts for trucks. With a national presence throughout South Africa, you will be able to find Truckpart across the country ready to offer you value-added services. Their seasoned technicians will help you choose the best parts for your trucks and help ensure you receive the very best value for your money.

Repairing the body of a truck is much like regular auto body repairs where panel work is the main focus and getting the body of the vehicle looking the way it was. There are a number of places that can get the job done for you, even if they don’t specialise in trucks specifically. It’s usually better to deal with trucking specialists because they are familiar with all the aspects from servicing and repairs, to bodywork and reconditioning.

As big as they are, trucks still get bumped and scratched from time to time and when you consider the size of the trailers they have to haul on a daily basis, it is not surprising that things can be misjudged at times. When you consider how trucks are a working asset for the companies that own them, it’s understandable that down time for these vehicles is a big issue and finding a service provider to handle the body work quickly and efficiently is a top priority.

Fast and Professional Truck Body Repairs

They guys doing the body repairs need to make sure that they have your down time in mind while they are working on your trucks. They also need to ensure that the work gets done correctly without the need for sending it back. They have to be able to get the job done right the first time round and they need to be able to do it quickly.

When you pick a provider for truck body repairs you need to look at things like experience and track records. They need to be able to show you examples of work they have done in the past and give you an indication of how long it will take to do the repairs. If time and money are a concern for you, then it’s probably a good idea for you to get alternative quotes to compare the repair times and the total costs for the job.

Providers That Offer Additional Services

When you approach a trucking specialist, you will notice that they also offer additional services to truck owners. It’s important that they use the same work ethic while they are servicing your engines or refurbishing some of the components. They may even offer you parts engineering to help speed up the replacement of parts that can’t be located.

Ideally you want to be looking for a one-stop truck shop that does it all and guarantees the best possible service in the quickest possible time.