Stockists of Replacement Parts for Major Truck Brands

Trucks form part of a logistic chain that keeps our country running. At Truckpart, we realise that when a truck breaks down the need for replacement parts is urgent. We carry stocks for all major truck brands and our team of mechanics are all qualified to perform major overhauls. All parts fitted by us come a with 100 000 km warranty, which is backed by the manufacturers. This level of service has led to Truckpart being on the vendor list for all major insurance companies.

Repairs on trucks are made harder by the fact that all replacement parts are much larger than those of an ordinary motor vehicle. Our workshops are purpose built to deal with the bulk associated with repairs on busses and trucks. Parts that can be replaced at our workshop include:

  • Air Systems

This is a crucial part of truck maintenance because the air system is responsible for the breaks of the vehicle. This system requires constant monitoring, which is why we include regular checks as part of our fleet management service.

  • Clutch components

Due to heavy loads, the gearbox and clutch systems are placed under tremendous strain all the time. For this reason, clutch components cannot be repaired and have to be replaced.

  • Driveshaft

The size of a truck driveshaft or prop shaft makes replacement very challenging. The positioning of the driveshaft is vital to the smooth running of the vehicle. Truckpart makes use of specialised machinery to ensure that the balancing is perfect.

  • Power steering systems

Without a perfectly working steering system, trucks are virtually un-driveable. Our Truckpart team can remove and replace steering systems using one of our fully fitted mobile units.

  • Cylinder heads

A faulty cylinder head can result in a loss of compression. It can also, eventually, lead to disastrous leaks that may cripple a vehicle.

  • Wheel bearings

When driving a motorcar, the bearings will make tell-tale sounds to let you know that they need replacing. Truck drivers do not always have this luxury. With heavy workloads, truck bearings will not give much warning. We examine and replace these bearings quickly enough so that drivers need not worry about falling way behind schedule.

At Truckpart, we are able to assess problems quickly and efficiently. Our standard warranty means that drivers leave our workshops with the confident knowledge that all our truck replacement parts are of the highest quality and that their lives and those of other road-users are not at risk.