Many people wonder about the benefits and advantages of buying their truck parts and spares from reputable and legitimate resellers. Truth be told, there are plenty of reasons why you should, with even more reasons why you should buy it from flyby night outfits. As any truck owner realises, purchasing spares and parts for the fleet is an investment in your vehicles and in your company.

There is no reason in skimping on the cost of the parts only to have to replace it again mere months down the line. Rather, more and more people are looking to high quality and durable parts and spares and viewing it as a direct investment. Sure, these parts might be more expensive than undocumented and unguaranteed parts, but they also deliver a thousand per cent better results.

If you are still unconvinced as to the many advantages of buying truck parts and spares from legitimate resellers, then read on:

  • Access to high quality parts: When purchasing your parts and spares from a legitimate and reputable reseller you will receive access to durable and quality parts for your fleet of trucks. You can rest assured that you receive the very best quality available and will enjoy the benefits of investing in these superior parts.
  • Unrivalled aftersales service: Dealing with an established and reputable company is different than dealing with an unprofessional and fleeting company only out to make a profit in the short term. You will receive professional and unsurpassed aftersales service even once the transaction has been concluded – something which you are not guaranteed when working with unprofessional people.
  • Recourse available: If you have any query or problem with the parts or spares that you’ve purchased, you will have some type of recourse at your disposal. This is especially true when dealing with a national company that has a great reputation.
  • Warranties and guarantees: If you deal with a flyby night outfit you will never receive an industry standard warranty or guaranty on your parts and spares. Dealing with a legitimate reseller might even provide you with above average warranties and guaranties. This means that your parts and spares will be protected from faults and wear for some time after you purchase it.

These are only some of the many benefits and advantages you can expect when dealing with a legitimate supplier. Truckpart has nearly 20 years’ experience supplying South Africans with high quality, durable and affordable truck parts and spares.